Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Comm tech hmmmmm

The course has been a pleasant breeze up until now. Where 15 chapters are demanded to be read and I have less that a week. I must say vector, dialectic and meme does not phase me as such. However, finding out that using my daily communication technologies like myspace has become of use to me. I never knew that the quizs we took that told more about ourselves were memes!!! Wow, I actually find such definitions useful and when it came to simple definitions like technology that we use everyday, I struggled to come to terms with what it was...shame.

Similar courses like culture, media and society use similiar terms to this book and that makes it a whole lot better. Topics I found interesting in this course was about video games and questions like are they simulations or representations. I still haven't made up my mind. I think they're more simulations but who knows. I'll probably go good in this area of the test.

to be continued...

maybe lol

I have to go study now for the exam

I'm back and today was the day I completed the exam, i took my time but i think i passed lol. It was easier than I had expected.

I enjoyed the questions about the movies, as i found the movies interesting, something i'd usually never watch. My favourite was Alphaville and i didn't mind the voice over lol. La Jetee scared me and Primer was a little boring and hard to understand but I enjoyed the idea that they watched to make a time machine, the movie was so realistic which i enjoyed a lot unlike other movies such as Back to the Future that don't look realistic one bit.

I did enjoy finding out how technoligies work and how they developed over a period of time.

Writing blogs each week was fun, photoshop was enjoyable, the activites was quite easy.

All the theories in the book were interesting but trying to remember all the names is just to hard, i had trouble remembering who produced, directed, theorized what. I'm not good which dates either.

Yes, overall the subject was ok, not my favourite one i'm sorry.

I'd prefer to just buy new technologies rather than having to question how they were made, i think it's because I'm a little lazy, but who isn't these dahys in this century?



Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tutorial Task: Complete the Exercises below, and then write a report in your blog about your experience doing the exercises; were there any problems? what were your solutions? Did you find it too simple, or was it confusing? Can you see how this software might be useful to you?

This excerise like the other one, started of simple and it actually remained simple throughout the excerise. There was a lot of reading involved which i didn't like reading and it consumed a lot of time. In result of this, I tend not to concentrate to the best of my ability.

There were no serious problems, lazy me forgot to press the arrow down where the bar names are is that makes any sense. I was looking for macro and couldnt see it straight away and didn't press that black arrow down to reveal everything so I asked Hannah who was sitting next to me to help me and so she told me i had to click "down arrow" and there I found it!

It was pretty simple. I don't like graphs in particular, these confuse me but when it comes to doing it yourself, you seem to understand it more.

Doing graphs might be of use to me where I have to do statistic graphs and such. I don't do busine or maths so it won't be of use to me there. I also like the idea of putting equations in aand pressing answer to get your result. When the numbers start to get high, that technique becomes very useful. Creating buttons was very neat too and it was interesting to see quickly which clients created gains and which incureed losses. I didn't understand what the recording button did. I didn't know if it worked or not, obviously it must have down something if i was able to get through the hole excerise.

It would be good if the excerise told me what the recording buttons purpose was so I would undertand why I'm clicking the buttons that I'm clicking.

Good tips that I hope to use, if the chance pops up!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tutorial Task: Complete the Exercises below, and then write a report in your blog about your experience doing the exercises; were there any problems ? what were your solutions? Did you find it too simple, or was it confusing? Can you see how this software might be useful to you?

Microsoft is a very useful source, I use it for everything, I not only use microsoft word but microsoft powerpoint. This weeks tutorial class was pretty simply. I followed ther instructions and when ok. The question marks that were meant to be inverted commas confused me, i think it was a typo. The exercises were easy upto advanced exercise 1. Advanced exercise 2 was easy to start of with then i followed the prompts and looked for "create" and I couldn't find it. I took me maybe five minutes to find it. You had to go into "type a new list" and this wasn't said in the instructions. My bullet point was kept on "existing file". So yes after trying to fiddle around I found it.
It then said to go to add new but it was actually "new entry" however, I got in straight away.
When showing the tool bar, I couldn't distinguish the difference so I did it again and noticed that there was an extra grey bar, silly me!

After and other than that, I had no problems. It was a little time consuming which makes it a tedious process, but I got their in the end. I didn't find it too simple and it wasn't confusing at all, it might have been a little tricky. You just have to play around with it a bit and start to familiarize yourself with buttons that you usually next use. So throughout the end of the excerise I really had to concentrate on the instructions because I had never perfomed them whereas, the first three exercise I always do so I was just skim reading, asuming I was doing it right.
I didn't ask for help because i knew they were simple instructions, you just had to concentrate a little at the end.

Using letter and mailing has never been used by me, but I can see that it will become very useful. I like the idea that it makes copies of my letter into documents to as many as I want. It looks easier than trying to send copies via hotmail so i think that I mmight give it a go, especially when I comes to my resume and I want everything to go perfect.

Some useful tips!!!
Video games success

Film characteristics have, to some extent, influenced and converged into video games. Some Hollywood blockbusters are routinely turned into video games as part of a wider process of developing successful franchises. (King and Krzywinska 2002:1). However, how might they offer their own distinct approach and pleasures that are currently making them more successful than film?

Watching movies, we enjoy obtaining the sense of escape and inspiration from the actor’s lives, imagining becoming them in their worlds. In video games, you can become them through... “Becoming actively involved agents in the world we escape into. This is what makes 3-D virtual worlds so compelling” (Christopher cited in Vorderer and Bryant, 2006: 92). Becoming someone different to ourselves and escaping to a world different to ours, we become the actors we watch on screen, experiencing the feeling and adrenalin we can’t in film.

Video games might share the same visual features as movies but their entertainment content is quite different. Films lack the element of control (Grodal 2000 cited in Vorderer 2006:43). Control gives us the chance to make a series of interesting and important decisions while simultaneously witnessing our consequences and outcome while navigating an open-ended world (Prensky 2006:61). A large satisfaction of control is when players feel themselves improving in their decisions, while aiming to a rewarding conclusion (Prensky 2006:59). Video games are a learning process and “ The secret to why people spend so much time on them is that they are learning things they need for the twenty-first century lives” (Prensky 2006:5). Control also causes a user to identify with a character to a greater degree than is possible with characters portrayed in film because the user is the central character in the game (Vorderer and Bryant 2006:43). Becoming identified with your character through the possibility of control is what makes video games a more exciting entertainment package than film.

Video games don’t need to encourage players to blast everything in order to become popular, neither do they need to be dramatic or consequential. One of the most successful video games is Will Wright’s The Sims, scoring 17 million fans (Thompson, 2003 cited in Paulk 2006). Why do people thrive for the virtual domesticity in Sims when they don’t in films? According to Psychology Today, it’s not the Sims themselves that go about their day-to-day routines but the spaces they inhibit (Thompson, 2003 cited in Paulk 2006). People can easily mirror their real-world homes by projecting aspects of their lives into the Sims characters (Thompson, 2003 cited in Paulk 2006). Will Wright states, “Sims is a laboratory for understanding not only our personalities, but also our personal spaces” (Thompson, 2003 cited in Paulk). Through playing video games, people understand more about them and this is an exciting journey that makes video games more popular than film. People can always pull back from film and criticize characters when they cross certain boundaries. In video games you understand your character since it’s possibly the only medium that allows players to experience guilt over the actions of their characters because they choose what happens to them (Jenkins 2007).Through such engagement we start to understand ourselves and this is why they are more as successful than film.

We cannot contribute to the narrative in films, but rather follow and accept what’s shown. The producer has all power. It is clear then, that there is a line between producer and the consumer (Wardrip-Fruin and Harrigan, 2004:153). Video games blur the boundary between author and consumer… “They are a two-way dynamic medium that have earned their own unique discourse” (Mark Bernstein cited in Wardrip-Fruin and Harrigan, 2004: 153). Games don’t ask the player to interpret what the author is trying to tell them (Pearce cited in Wardrip-Fruin and Harrigan, 2004:147). Instead, “The author shifts into a role as facilitator, and the audience now takes over the role of storytelling and create their own narrative” (Pearce cited in Wardrip-Fruin and Harrigan, 2004:153). Having this authority given to them, the line between audience and author becomes un-noticed and they are free to create their own entertainment in the game. It is clearly evident then, that having this two-way medium, makes us enjoy video games more than film.

Video games, whether designed for single or multiple players, simultaneously offer action on screen and the cooperation and friendship between the players. Video games are significant because “Players help others learn, by sharing information on strategy and technique through talk and observing the play of others.” (Newman, 2004). Movies don’t give you the opportunity of interacting with friends to that extent because you’d be missing parts of the movie’s dialogue.
Video games tend to set new goalposts or unveil more spectacular worlds that invite players to “just one more level”, making them reluctant to quitting until they’ve met their goals. (Jenkins, Henry, date unknown).This tactic is used as a reward for having survived the previous environment, making video games more attractive than films. Since video games are not finalized products like films, they are open to extension, repeatedly re-releasing upgraded versions. (Flynt, 2006:188). People who like a particular video game are sure to buy the upgraded version and therefore, video games succeed in the long run.

Time operates differently in video games then in film. (Joshua Meyrowitz 1997 cited in Cover). A video game can narrate the events of a thousand years but be played in a couple of hours. They give you no sense of knowing how long you’ve been accessing the virtual world and how long you can expect the program to continue (Kermode, 1967 cited in Cover). Time is unknowable and the situations are always un-expected. Unlike movies, you always have a sense of what’s coming in a structured time and this is why they are not as successful as video games.
On the whole, there are many contributing factors that make video games more popular than film. Firstly, you turn into a character who becomes actively involved agents while escaping to the world of your choice. Secondly, the element of control gives you power to make decisions and help you identify with your character to a better degree. Thirdly, the removal of the author gives you the freedom of storytelling. Socializing effectively and the irresistibility to play longer due to play value, along with the satisfaction of narrating events of a thousand years in a matter of hours, all contributes to an overwhelming, enjoyable experience, that make video games more popular and successful than film.


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Thursday, April 26, 2007

differences between IM programs and 3d environments

what are the qualitative differences between the regular IM program and a 3D environment?
What is different about the kinds of socialising that happens in these spaces? Does the 3D aspect make much difference? In other words, are there things that are possible in one space that are not possible in the other? Could you think of where this sort of application might lead us?

In these worlds, you could be a totally different person and at the same time be yourself. In msn messenger, you usually come across as yourself. It is very quick access however where the other ones a more time consuming. When it comes to socialisng, such worlds are more exciting becasue you can actually see yourself interacting with other people. Where in msn messenger, you can't. The 3d aspect definitely makes a difference, you can control yourself to do actions around the surroundings. It is exciting because it allows you to see things in a different perspective. Its somewhat like a video game, the only difference is you chat and socialize and it isnt a game. In saying that however, there is this trick that encourages you to chat more. In worlds like IMVU and Habbo, you can receive free credits, depending on how you often you chat. This enables you to buy things and so on. Having the advantage to win stuff for your character also excites you.
Having the opportunity to go inot different worlds spices up the sitution, if your on msn messenger at home at your upset whilst talking to friends, you can't really escape that situation. Whereas in these 3d worlds you can make yourself feel better by escaping your 'real' situation and current location to somewhere you wish you could be. Also is your feeling down, it could be possible that youyrt friends send you gifts such as in IMVU. This cannot be don't on simple msn messenger.

IMV is created by the same person who made Sims. There you have the advantage of creating yourself to whoever you want to be. You can pick ur name, and search people whereas in msn you cant. Along with this, there are advertisments in the world and things for sale where you can buy. People might prefer this better than msn because it gives you a reason to chat. If you chat there is a deal that you can get credits. With your person you can make him have an expression, or tell him to jump or clap and he will.

Habbo has a lot of distractions, you can look at games, win stuff, its not really a world but your room where you can design it and express yourself.
Activeworld you can pick your worlds.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


This is a picture I took of my friend who was at the cricket match with a really tall man. This image was originally very Australia. Firstly, all Australians love their sport, secondly, there was a picture of the 4x beer; Australians love their beer, beer+sport= the perfect Australian day out. Thirdly, the colours yellow and green that they were wearing are very Australian.
Using Photoshop I tried to emphasize Australianess. In this picture I used the clone stamp to transfer the Australian flag in the background, making it look like it was pinned up there and also transfered a picture of a kangeroo onto the mans t-shirt. I'm sure I have made it clear that the picture is Australian, especially the Australian flag. It gives it away automatically.


This picture, I think represents celebrity. She has the whole package. Firstly i just took a photo of my sister with the simply materialistic things like sunglasses, phone, bags and a pet dog ( I didn't have a dog so I put my cat in the bag).
Using Photo shop I made celebrity look more realistic. I had to find pictures of bags because I had some cheap bags in the photo and copied and pasted the juicy couture bag on the left hand side, i touched it up by using eraser. Then, since celebrities on buy branded clothes, I went to find a label to put on her t-shirt, again, using copy and paste and touching it up with the eraser. To turn my cat into the dog I had tocopy and paste it onto my image, resize it and frame it so it covered my cat. I erased the messy bits at the end.I used the burberry pattern on my other bag to make it look expensive.Overall I think I went quite well representing a celebrity. (Paris Hilton was my inspiration haha)


Theirs not much you can do with photoshop to emphazie friends. I wanted to take a picture of a present and that could represent friends and then I could transfer my friends to the picture but I am running out of time so I grabed a photo I already took. Putting a different face in there, enables me to put in more of my friends if they were missing or not having been able to make it. I also used the magic wand I think it was to erase a girl in there, that I'm not that close to and replaced it with a girl that is already in there as you can see if you look closely up the top. I also put in a message that emphasize the meaning of friends: "We love you" ahhhh Isn't that nice of the?"
I took this photo of my sister in a dancing competition . I think that dancing is a kind of sport, however, using photoshop I had to emphazie the meaning of sports, so, I put in a couple of soccor and tennis balls. These sorts of balls represent sport more effectively. Having these balls put in there (cutting, pasting, transforming the size, then erasing) might make you think that there are balls involve in what might look like as gymnastics since balls can be used in gymnastics
I like this photo hahah. The sign that I put in there was one I took last year at biology lake. It was the funniest thing. We went to South Stradbroke and there was this lake called brown lake and infront of it had this sign: Bathers only. I was like what is that supposed to mean hahahah. It could mean many different things and shows how unclear some communication can be. I thought maybe this means we weren't allowed to swim naked, or no car washing or container washing lol because Aboriginals live there and might wash there stuff. Anyway I thought it was funny hahahahahahaha. Moving on, I took a photo of my sisters communicating on the couch. That communication represents speech and the sign represents written communication. I think both represent communication and by putting the sign in emphasizes the meaning of communication even more.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Discovering how to post pictures on my blog


I accidentally photo- shopped it and I hope you forgive me!

Ignoring the words, this image represents friends because they are people who accompanied me on my birthday, choose to spend time with me that night and most of all enjoy the time they had with me. They also helped me finish my drink! Overall the people are my friends because they spend time with me, enjoy being around me and are also very helpful towards me.


I believe this is high-tech, because of the version of the computer. It appears to be a highly developed equipment and very stylish and thin when comparing it to the old, thick computers that were accompanied with their big towers. The Cd could represent a lot of things; everything you want to find will be as easy as finding it on a disc, the computer is as thin as the disc. All this requires high-technology and everyone knows that computers are high-technology, since everything they want and need can be found on the computer. If the computer wasn't high technology than people wouldn't spend most of their time on them!!


This is a very traditional representation of the news. It looks like a television, radio or newspaper station that transmits information to the public. You have your journalists, bosses, technicians and so on. The news is printed on paper as seen in the image, you have your recorders, and machines that control the printing press or whatever it seems to be.

How can this image not represent summer? It has all the necessities that makes it summer, the sun, the lunch shades, the people sun-baking,the beach, the sunglasses, the hotel resorts, (holiday destinations are usually always at the beach), the sand, the gorgeous women in their bikinis and not to mention hot bods!! And I have to mention Borot, his togs are as summer as you can get, if that's not summer, I don't know what is.

How often do we see this in our daily lives? This image is very eccentric and looks very artisitic. Someone with a good imagination must have designed this. I like the idea of the weeds growing out of the toilet bowl becasue it is very unconventional and I have seen such an idea before.

University life

I strongly beleive this represents University Life. At Uni you will usually see me doing what is shown in this image; sitting in the library, studying at one of the desks. I walk in the library and always see the desks taken. Study is one of the most important priorities for a University student and in most cases, you will find that they spend most of thier time studying, alone and with friends.